Saturday, September 5, 2009

Feelin' Like A Rockstar...

OK, so I can't even wait to say it.......I RAN EIGHT MILES TODAY!!!!!!!!

Talk about a feeling of huge satisfaction. I'll even be so bold and say I'm proud of myself. Yep, I'm that full of happiness to say it.

We ran the same route we always do...and there's a certain feeling of comfort in that. We know exactly where 1 1/2 miles is, where 2 is, where 3 is, and so on. We know that at 4 miles we can get "back to the barn syndrome" and know it's just four more back and we're DONE.

I ran with partner Kristi as always, and added on friends Janna and Tammy as well. When we came up on Janna, she was expressing EXACTLY to us what Kristi and I just had been saying, how our rapidly increasing mileage was a little indimidating, and there was some anxiety on our part. So we added her into our little group, and we kept pounding it out. As we got closer to mile 4, we added in Tammy to the mix and our foursome kept it going and going.....because let's face it, there is NOTHING better than running with someone else, and even better a group. You're more motivated, you have great conversations, and you begin to know that all those thoughts going through your head are not just in your head, but someone else's, too....and you feel like one of the crowd which at times is what we want and need (we don't use 'normal' in our house, such a thing does NOT exist.)

But lemme tell ya something so cruel about this's not the hills, or the mileage, or the's the stinkin' Krispy Kreme we have to run by...on a Saturday the prime hours of chugging out those bites of heaven for the kids in our area. People here either loooove Krispy Kreme (that would be me) or abhor it (saying it's too sweet), so running past the mecca of sweetness as the delictable smell wafts in the air as we run by is just plain cruel to this no-carbs-allowed body.... I keep telling myself that the reason why I'm pounding the pavement so hard is BECAUSE of Krispy Kremes, so you'd better cowboy up in your mind, chick, and get over it..... :)

Also feelin' like a rockstar because Monday morning, on Labor Day, hubby, kiddo and I, along with partner Kristi, her marathon man Steve and their kiddos will be running in downtown Ft Worth. Excited as the kids will get to do a 1K run (we adults will use as a warmup) and get a trophy for their efforts--COOL! And the rockstar feeling comes from this's JUST a 5k. Can't even begin to relay how AWESOME it feels to recognize in my mind that 3.1 miles is NOTHING, it's just a weekday morning run.......come on, how FREAKING COOL is that? This, coming from a woman who never ever ever thought she would say those words. Hubby is working on his time for his sprint tri that is coming up, so I'll be doing what I can to encourage him, and not get injured. Marathon Man Steve has stressed to us that doing anything additional to our training might not be as productive as we think, because getting hurt for something inconsequential is not a good thing. BUT---being as Kristi and I can justify most anything, like I said this is the equivalent of a morning run which we'd have to do anyhow, so we are running this...and got COOL tech shirts out of the deal!

For Kristi and I, I think we're more excited about shopping at the big Luke's Locker sale after the run than we are the run--20% off non-sale items--this is HUGE!! We were schooled this morning about needing to start getting our timing down in using supplements to replace some energy (ie--using sports beans, or GU, or the souped up honey) so we're buying a little of each at 20% off so we can do some taste testing and timing in using them on our runs to come. They have shoes on clearance, too, who doesn't love a good shoe sale (and being as I wear a honkin' size 12D...she said they had a good selection out in 12's, WHOOP! I'm there looking for another workout pair!)

Best part of the morning, though......between you and me.....the massage afterwards! There were some ladies from a local chiropractic center offering a sampling of what they could do, and I had my masseuse attack my neck.......oy, had to keep myself from melting off the table.... It hurt like the dickens, but she kneaded the bejesus out of my neck muscles....let's just say on Tuesday I will be immediately scheduling with her...

Here's looking forward to a good Monday run with the like a rockstar.... :)

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