Friday, August 28, 2009

Trials and tribulations...

OK, anyone who's lived in TX long enough knows how blazing hot it is here from about mid-May through about the beginning of October. It's seemed the last few years that the first real cold snap we've gotten has been on Halloween night, just in time for all those cute little costumes to be covered up with us Texans' version of a coat (compared to northern standards in coats, we're pitiful.)

Therefore, training in the heat this summer has been one of the toughest challenges to come upon, to say the least. This past week's running has been an uphill climb. Most days have been so humid that you feel like you're underwater, and putting one foot in front of the water feels just like when you're in the pool trying to run.....slow, sluggish, and pointless. The heat has just been life-sucking this week. At the end of three miles my wick-away shirt is sopping wet---you know it's hot when your shirt is dripping sweat from it. I feel like someone's standing on my chest when I try to breathe in the heat and humidity...gotta love asthma (and gotta love the new inhalers that have come out, SO much better than plain ole albuterol!)

My husband and I both faced discouragement this week training. Some days we feel like we're not doing enough to get ready for our goals, despite that we're following the prescribed plan for where we should be. Other days it just doesn't seem to click. Some days we feel so out of gas it feels like it'd be easier to throw in the towel, but we push forward to keep going.

Just when I think "is this all worth it?" we do get some good news to keep us plugging forward.... Took K's bike in today, he was concerned something was wrong with it only to find out he's SUPPOSED to air up the tired every other day, let's just say the PSI was so embarrasingly low that the tech said it was a miracle he didn't get a pinched flat and hurl himself into a nasty accident (gotta love starting a new sport and "conveniently" finding out about these kinds of important things to know by accident...literally...let's just say mama will be going into the store with him tomorrow when we go to get clips put on his pedals and some other gear, and asking lots of potentially embarrasing questions only newbies ask to find out all the things he's SUPPOSED to be doing that we weren't told....hey, everyone's had to ask them before when they started!)

Good news on my front, after searching for months to find a doctor who would truly take an interest in me, not run me through their office like cattle, actually call me back (GASP!) with test results and actually take time to talk through said results......I FOUND SUCH A PERSON!!! Can't still believe that I have, but yes.....a doctor who actually CARES about patients and is actually PASSIONATE about helping patients. She ran quite a bit of bloodwork on me, worked me over from top to bottom, got paperwork from previous doc's who were worthless....and determined that I have a condition called PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome.) I'll spare you boring details, but LOOOOONG story short my hormones are now actually being put back on the scale (I was almost at zero with them...yep, that scary) and she's dealing with the lack of weight loss. Downside is I'm essentially eating an Atkins-type diet now, but with everything she's faced with from the results, she hopes that I will start to see the pounds come off, and that more importantly some of the fat come off, thus creating a new me and making me feel so much better inside and out. Praise God! It should remedy some of the not-so-nice-person issues I have when I feel so blah, as well as make working out easier, give me more stamina for tae kwon do, and in general look better! I am just so grateful to have someone in my corner finally in the medical field who gives a flip about me, rather than just being a dollar sign.

So facing an easy 5 mile run in the morning....preparing for 8 miles next is looking to be getting under control slowly but surely. K has a ride in the morning with his training partner on his newly fixed bike.....gotta keep looking for the positives, otherwise I'm sunk!

All's well that ends well....

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